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Hamsin Clipboard

A three-in-one easy-to-use clipboard extension utility that allows:
   - tracking clipboard history of the last ten clips which can be later
      returned back to the clipboard or directly pasted into applications,
   - pasting several copied clips automatically one after another or merged together,
   - saving favorite or commonly used clips for future pasting.
The interface is very simple - all the functions are accessible from any application via hotkeys and/or a pop-up menu invoked by a hotkey or a tray icon. All the hotkeys and the menu are customizable. Adding new clips to the history can be suspended so that undesired clips do not clutter the history.

What's new in versions 3.01-3.03:
          - a bug in capturing bitmap clips was fixed.
          - bugs in using a tray icon were fixed.
          - 'start in' folder problem under Windows ME was fixed.
What's new in version 3.00:
          - optional support for all standard clipboard formats and rich text formats,
          - clips larger than user-defined limits are not captured/saved,
          - history clips and favorites can be shown in a menu with user-defined names,
          - new paste options,
          - a correction to Microsoft Word's bug (cutting large text blocks),
          - configuration is saved now in Windows registry instead of ini file.

Download Hamsin Clipboard 3.03   

Hamsin Clock

Hamsin Clock is a completely customizable Internet-adjustable digital desktop clock with a powerful alarm system. You can set a nearly unlimited number of alarms, which can display a customizable message, play the .wav file of your choice, run a program, or shut down your system. Alarms can run once, daily, weekly, or monthly. You can even be reminded several seconds before an alarm action. Several behavior and appearance options are offered. Use the font and colors of your choice, or have a transparent background so your wallpaper shows through. Other options let you keep the program on top, specify the time format (including showing seconds), remove the clock from the Alt+Tab list, show the date, and more.

What's new in version 2.12:
          - added adjusting time via Internet (works under Windows NT/2000/XP only).

Download Hamsin Clock v2.12

Development of Hamsin Clock was interrupted because its main author is pressed for time. You are welcome to download the source code and to continue development at your own responsibility. The sources are compiled using MS Visual C++ 6.0. Questions about the sources can be addressed to the author.

Hamsin Lines

Hamsin Lines is a small and nice version of the famous logic game.
Score calculation method is taken from the original Lines.

Download Hamsin Lines v1.00

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